CEC of Singapore Polytechnic says "Thank You"

Date 2004/4/7 4:57:37 | Topic: SFSC News

The Continuing Education Centre of the Singapore Polytechnic held its first appreciation award ceremony on 25th August 2003 for its best customers, partners, and external trainers.

The Continuing Education Centre (CEC) was formed in 1979 to offer participants to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge. Mr. Low Wong Fook, principal of the Singapore Polytechnic, expressed the appreciation and integral relationship shared by the institution and all the award recipients.

"Customers, partners or external trainers, today we are friends." said Mr. Low in his opening speech.

The Singapore Feng Shui Centre received awards in two categories. Award recipients ranged from government departments, statutory boards, industrial corporations and private companies.

Master Vincent Koh received an award in the External Trainer category, and Mrs. Nancy Koh, Manager for the Singapore Feng Shui Centre accepted an award in the Partners category.

During the gala event, the CEC also expressed its plans to broaden their curricular programmes that will enhance students through accredited course subjects.

"We choose our course programmes from industrial needs, partner suggestions and public demand," says Mr. Billy Chan, Manager for the Continuing Education Centre. "Of course all subjects go through stringent planning and review before it is officially offered to the public."

The CEC already offers a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from the industrial, managerial, educational, entrepreneurial and Feng Shui. The Centre expressed that by expanding existing course programmes and facilities, they can cater to the increasing influx of students.

"The call for retraining is getting louder in Singapore today," says Mr. Tu Myint, Director for the Department of Industry Services. "While retraining on existing skills is beneficial, knowledge on other subjects will complement and remain relevant to job seeking, advancement and security."

Partner and Trainer awards in 2003, 2005 and 2007.

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