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Articles: 2011 Forecast  
Author: nexus
Published: 19/12/2010
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The Chinese Lunar New Year falls on the 3rd of February 2011. However, this year the Rabbit will only arrive on the following day, 4th of February 2011 at 1232 hours. This year round it is a Yin Metal Rabbit. It is also known as a white fur Rabbit. The last time it appeared was in the year 1951. Some of you may not even be born yet.

In 2010 it was Yang Metal over Yang Wood. For the year 2011 it is Yin Metal over Yin Wood. It is yet another year of conflict. Yin Metal is more subtle and is similar to a small knife as compared to Yang Metal.

Theoretically, since small knives are normally hidden, on the surface it may appear peaceful. But once provoked it implies potential hidden threats. As such, there may be more continuous international terrorist threats. Beware of undercover robberies and petty thieves. Guard your homes with alarm and security. Emerging countries are also a potential threat to the world economy. With Metal and Wood in conflict there will be more disputes among the neighboring countries over territorial rights. Youngsters will be more aggressive and new emergence of younger gangsters. Pay more attention to your teenage children.


The Main Attributes of People Born in the Year of the Rabbit

“Rabbits by nature are gentle and patient.”

The Rabbit is the fourth of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac and corresponds to the Earthly Branch Mao ?, the 2nd lunar month and it governs the hours between 0500 to 0700. Rabbits by nature are gentle and patient. They are loved by children. They will never jump into projects without mindful thoughts. Rabbit people have a winning character, adorable and generally, nobody wants to harm them.

Rabbits can turn their enemies into friends. The element for Mao is Yin Wood. Unlike Yang Wood, Yin Wood is like small plants, fern, creepers and flowers, it is subtle and flexible. It tends to depend on others and preferably beside a Yang Wood to climb high. They will not have many financial worries. Because of their subtle nature, they will have many friends around them. Rabbits are not risk takers, therefore they dislike speculation.


The Year Pillar Forecast:

Yin Metal is sitting over Yin Wood. According to the 5 elemental relationships, Metal and Wood is in conflict. Yin Metal is equivalent to a small knife; sharp and swift in strike. Yin Wood resembles small plants though subtle but flexible. Imagine that during a heavy storm, the tall trees will fall first.

Yin Metal and Yin Wood in conflict implies that disputes may even occur over minor issues. Therefore, be mindful and avoid offending others. Minor errors may lead to serious consequences. Unlike Yang Metal, Yin Metal is sharp and vicious. This year there will be more international protests over unpopular government policies globally. Also, do be prepared for new rulings at work or from your superiors.


“Be prepared for new rulings at work or from your superiors.”

It is also believed that the Wealth deity, Cai Shen Ye will arrive on Earth on Lunar New Year’s eve to reward those who appease him. Cai Shen Ye will be at the North direction for 2011. As usual on this day, people will gather at temples all over Singapore to usher in the arrival of Cai Shen. They believe if you pay respect to Cai Shen will bring you extra wealth luck for the rest of the year. I think there is some truth in this belief. You cannot imagine the crowds at the many temples on that night.


“It is advised not to ‘move earth’ at the east sector of your house.”

This year, the official Grand Duke is Fan Ning and hails from the East direction. In Chinese religious belief, every year, the King of Heaven will send an auditor (Grand Duke) to record on the unruly behavior of earthly beings and report them for future reprimand. Perhaps this is also a form of warning to those who are intending to be ruthless. As this is not a religious article I will not delve into details on this topic.

It is believed that those born in the year of Rooster:


are deemed to be in conflict with the Grand Duke (Tai Sui). This year the Tai Sui is at the East (90 degrees). In Chinese religious belief, you should not offend the Tai Sui. The Chinese believe that offending the Tai Sui will bring bad luck and disasters. It is therefore advised not to ‘move earth’ at the east sector of your house. To do so is akin to knocking on the Tai Sui’s head.

To appease the Tai Sui the Chinese in particular those born in the year of the Rooster will visit the temples to make offering and prayers. This annual ritual is still very popular in Singapore. You may wish to witness this event at the ever popular Waterloo Street Temple. For me I prefer to watch at the Goddess of Mercy Temple in Balestier Road. See you there!


In Feng Shui practice, it is also not advisable to carry out any unnecessary major renovation works at the East sector or for houses facing east. Should you need to do so, do consider selecting an auspicious date.

However, being in conflict with the Rabbit is not necessary inauspicious. In conflict means those born in the year of Rooster is in direct clash with the Rabbit. In Bazi divination we call this the 6-clash (Liu Zhong). Therefore, people born in the year of Rooster are deemed to be directly in conflict with the Rabbit (Rabbit clashes with the Rooster).

In my opinion, a clash on the birth year is not necessary bad. In advanced 4 pillars of destiny analysis, we have to consider our total birth data, i.e. taking into consideration the year, month, day and hour of birth – also known as Bazi or 8 characters. You can check it out with the Hsia Calendar. Nowadays, there are numerous software readily available for this conversion. More details are available in my book ‘Unveil Your Destiny’ which is published by Asiapac Books.



The Three Killings, also known as the San Sha is at the West sector. If your house is sitting on West it is deemed to be sitting on San Sha. Avoid renovation works at this sector. Please note to avoid having the San Sha behind you in any year. You may however Face or Confront the San Sha. In one of the advanced Feng Shui techniques, it states:

“To prosper you need to confront the San Sha.”

Do not attempt this technique unless you are familiar with this theory. Personally, I have never attempted it.

Accordingly, in Four Pillars theories, the following people are also in conflict with the Rabbit;

1. Rooster – Direct clash (6 Clash)
2. Rat – Ingratitude clash (Persecuting Clash)
3. Dragon – Conflicted clash
4. Horse – Related clash

These four groups of people may face obstruction in their work this year. Be mindful while driving. Pay more attention to your health, in particular the stomach.

The Dog is also a friend of the Rabbit. In terms of symbolic Feng Shui, you can carry a dog pendant with you or you may place it at the East sector of your house.

Friends of the Rabbit are:

1. Ram + Pig and Rabbit
2. Tiger + Dragon and Rabbit

In general, those born in the year of the Dog are luckier this year. However, you still have to look into your total birth data.


The Four Pillars of Year 2011

This year in this set of four pillars there consist of three Metals, three Wood, one Water and one Fire element.


There are three Metal on the stems with three Wood at the branches. Metal in Spring season is imprisoned and weak. Though there are 3 Metal on the stems it has no roots. Wood is in season and is further supported by Water. This year, Metal and Wood is in conflict. Water element is the buffer between Metal and Wood, while Fire will attack Metal and the needed Earth element is hidden inside the three Earthly branches E7 and E3.


Implications of the 4 Pillars

Metal and Wood is in conflict. If we take Metal as the west and Wood as east, it implies the west (USA) will continue to position their power on the Eastern countries in particular China and the Asian regions. As Wood is stronger than Metal, President Obama may face resistance and pressure from China and is unlikely to subdue the strong and robust growth in the eastern region such as China and Southeast Asia.

They have to seek the support of Earth (China) and gather more international support. Recently, President Obama has been touring to various countries to gather support for their ageing economies. But Earth is stored in the Fire E7 and Wood E3. E3 forms a half combination with E7. Fortunately Fire will not materialize as there is no Fire on the stem in particular in the months of E3, E7 and E11. Fire will be strengthened in mid summer (June and July). USA may face much resistance from China on the issue with the re-valuation of the RMB, among other political matters. Earth is still the needed element to support Metal. China will still be the ‘big boss’.

With Metal and Wood in conflict this year there will be more issues arising on financial industries. Further stringent control will be imposed on global business operations in particular on the financial and investment sectors. Property markets will face stiff competition. Gold prices will continue to rise in Q3. Oil prices will remain stable until Q2.

There will be more street protests around the world on their respective Government’s new policies. Obviously this will not happen in Singapore. International issues on protecting planet Earth and climate warming will continue to be the main topic of the year.

On a side note, as we are approaching the 2012 doomsday forecast this will also be another contention topic. In my opinion this is unlikely to happen as already stated in my 2010 forecast.


The Hexagram for 2011

“Erosion. Now is not a good time to go anywhere.”

Bo is the off-spring of the mother Hexagram Chien. It is of the element Metal.

Bo literary means erosion. There will be more continuous landslides and flooding. Earthquakes are likely to happen in the months of October and November. Mountain (Gen ) is weak sitting on a heap of Earth (Kun ). International support may be reduced. World banks may be more conservative on their loans.

In business, do not depend too much on your supporters. This year they may withdraw their regular support with you. You may have to look for new customers and suppliers.

In this hexagram, there are two Wealth lines. The Sibling line is missing. There are some ample opportunities to make money but beware of hidden threats. The Sibling (robber) line is absent and hidden.

The image of this hexagram shows a young man (Ken) standing in front of an elderly women (Kun). This year filial piety will be one of the main topics of contention. Sons will be more filial to their parents.

More women will be marrying younger men. There will be more male childbirth this year. Young men also advised to be mindful, avoid falling traps into extra marital affairs.

‘This hexagram depicts the time of sunset with one yang line sitting on 5 yin lines. The top yang line is the single force of virtue and the 5 yin lines is of evil force. The single yang line cannot withstand the strong advancing negative force. This implies that one should not confront the evil directly. By storing your energy in difficult time enables one to prepare for renewal’. – Abstract from the Book of Changes.

This hexagram reminds us not to compete or confront with persons of inferior virtue. Be mindful and avoid quarrels. When problems arise try to see the situation clearly and act in accordance with it.

There will be international conflicts among neighboring countries. The recent disputes between North and South Korea will require an independent mediator and International support to avoid turning into a war.

Hexagram 23 means erosion and splitting apart. There will be major soil erosion in north eastern regions with landslides. With 5 yin lines we will also be expecting freak severe cold weather.

On the personal level, avoid unnecessary quarrels with colleagues. At home, maintain harmony with family members. Be patient while driving. Do not provoke others. Be mindful of your words.

“Be mindful and avoid quarrels.”


Natural Calamities

The sign of Heaven and Earth is in conflict. More floods and earthquakes expected. Forest fires are expected in the Southern and Eastern regions. With expected tsunamis, more international efforts are required to discuss on the rising of ocean water levels. Freak cold weather is expected in north and north eastern regions.

Time Dimension

Based on Huang Ji Jing Shi format of time dimension we are currently in the 60 year cycle of Hexagram 50 Ding .

1984 – 2043
Hexagram Ding governs 60 years from 1984 to 2043 and each Yao or line governs 10 years as follows:

1984-1993 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 14, Da You
1994-2003 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 56, Lu
2004-2013 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 64, Wei Ji
2014-2023 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 18, Gu
2024-2033 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 44, Gou
2034-2043 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 32, Heng

Flying Stars for 2011

Annual Flying Star- 7

This year the annual ruling star is 7 also known as Po Jun . In age of 8, star 7 is a fading star. Last year, 2010 was 8 over 8. This year with star 7 sitting over the ruling age star 8, star 7 is Metal draining star 8 Earth. 8 is trigram Ken which represents a male teenager or a young male. This may bring depression and injuries to male teenagers. If you have growing teenage sons do keep an eye on their peer group activities.

There will be more protest and upheaval due to un-popular government new rulings. Economic Growth will not be as vibrant as in 2010. Sexual diseases, HIV and aids will on be the rise in the month of September and October. Do beware of robbery and house break-ins. Avoid carrying too much cash when traveling. Be careful whilst driving. More road accidents are expected this year. The fire department will be busy attending to fire hazards in the month of June and July.

7 represents the trigram Dui , also known as the lake. It also implies happiness, beautiful young women. Number 7 is Metal. We expect that the IT industry will be launching a bigger range of new communication products.

Star No 7 related industries are:

Star 7 is good for speech related and communication industries. The body parts that star 7 represent is the Mouth. Hence such industries like Singing and acting industry, Concerts and road shows, Teaching and Law professions will be popular. Metal Industries such as Gold, silver, jewelry, automobile and steel related products will be in demand.


Inauspicious industries are:

Shipping, Transportation, Energy, Gas, Timber, Travel, Pulp and paper, stationery, Publishing and media. These industries will face stiff competition and price wars.

As Earth is the preferred element, the property market industry demand and prices will continue to rise till the Q2 of 2011 but at a slower pace compared to 2010.

“Metal industries such as Gold and Silver will be in demand.”


Feng Shui – Annual Flying Stars

Star 1- North-east.
This is a lucky star, 1 White arriving at the northeast. If your door faces this direction it will bring promotion, romance and academic recognitions. You may place your study desk at NE. Place a bowl of clear water with 6 coins at this sector to enhance this star.

Star 2 – South
Star 2, the sickness star arrived at the South direction. If your main door or bedroom windows face South hang a strand of 6 Metal ancient Chinese coins to harmonize this star. Alternatively, you may place a metal object or paint with white color or hang a golden color poster painting at this sector.

Star 3 – North
This is a quarrelsome star. If your door faces North, place a red color floor mat outside your main door entrance. Don’t paint red onto your door.

Star 4 – South-west
This star, though a fading star is usable. It can trigger romance and academic success. Use this area for your study corner. In the bedroom at the SW sector place a stalk of flower in a vase by your bed side if you are in romance moods.

Star 5 – East.
This is another potent star also known as the 5 yellow star. If your door faces east it could bring loss, sickness or poverty. To harmonize this, the traditional cure is to hang a 6 rods metal wind-chime but sometimes it is not appropriate as the chiming sounds may irritate your neighbors. I normally recommend placing a gold colored floor mat outside the door. Some prefer to stick 6 metal coins over the door.

Star 6 – South-east
Star 6 is another fading star but since it is a white star it is usable if you know the secret of this star. If this star is properly treated it can bring promotion, travel and migration opportunities. Place a bowl of ‘still’ water at this sector of your house.

Star 7 - Centre
Star 7 is a robbery star. Beware of intrusion and fire hazard. Avoid having red color at this sector. If it falls in your kitchen be mindful with your stove and gas pipes. Make sure the gas switch is off when you finish cooking. Remind your maids and family members as well.

Star 8 – Northwest
This is the timely star and is also a good star. If your house main door faces northwest, there will be opportunities for gaining wealth. Please do not indulge in any gambling activities! If you have a water feature outside your house make sure the water is kept fresh and clean. Check whether the water pump is working properly. Inside the house you may place a mini water fountain at this corner to enhance this star.

Star 9 – West
This is another timely star. You can activate this star for childbirth if you are newly married. If combined with star 2 and 7 it may cause eye problems. For this issue you have to refer to your house birth chart.

The 12 Monthly Flying Star Charts



The above monthly star charts show the position of the three common potent stars 2 Black, 3 Jade, and 5 Yellow.

To harmonize:
Star 2 use a strand of 6 ancient Chinese metal coins.
Star 3 use red color or a lamp.
Star 5 use a 6 rod metal wind-chime.

Obviously in today’s modern market there are many alternatives but make sure they are of equivalent functions. Do beware of opportunists.


General Auspicious Factors to Note

Auspicious Elements
Earth to support Metal
Use Water to wedge the clash between Metal and Wood.
Use Fire to control the Metal from hurting the Wood.

Which element is suitable depends on your 4 pillars of Destiny.

Auspicious Directions
Northwest – Star 8 – Color: Yellow, orange and red.
West – Star 9 – Color: Green and red.
Northeast - Star 1 – Color: Blue, Black and white.

Auspicious months
E5- April, E8-July, E12- October and E2 – January/2012

Auspicious time to receive Cai Shen Ye
Hour of Rat between 2300 – 0100Hrs
Direction: Face North
When to Start Work after Lunar New Year
It is common for most people to choose an auspicious day to start work or commence business after the Lunar New Year and the following dates should be avoided if you belong to the respective horoscopes.

Auspicious Dates
Sunday 06.02.2011 – (not suitable for Dog)
Tuesday 08.02.2011 – (not suitable for Rat)
Saturday 12.02.2010 – (not suitable for Dragon)


Zodiac Forecast for 2011

Rat – 1948, 1960, 1984, 1996, and 2008
Although in conflict with the rabbit, you’ll be basking under the lucky stars this year! Commit yourself to more charitable deeds so as to amplify your providence in the Rabbit year. Although 2011 is filled with great fortune and wealth, keep yourself away from lawsuits and conflicts by exercising integrity.

Ox – 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009
Brace yourself for a challenging year ahead as uncertainties and unpredictability will intensify your luck this year. Draw a clear line between private and official interests so as to ensure that you would make the right choices. Be prepared to brave the storms ahead with a positive attitude. You may feel neglected and lonely. Go out to meet friends and be happy.

Tiger – 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010
Your luck recovers this year but possibilities of getting yourself involved in lawsuits are also high. Do stay away from acting rashly and avoid unnecessary quarrels. Always keep a positive attitude and evade from complaining. Keep an open mind. Helpful people are around you.

Rabbit – 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011
You are self conflict with the rabbit. The arrival of lucky stars shall diminish the inauspicious kismet this year. However, a slight mistake shall deter you from succeeding. To walk on a path void of obstacles, shun arrogance and proceed prudently at all times.

Dragon – 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 and 2000
A bright career path amid sunny days is in sight. Strive for career achievements and clear your mind of burdens and input more vigor into your life. Craftiness will leave you alone, allowing you to focus on career development.

Snake – 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, and 2001
A major setback may arouse and aimless drifting further throws you into deeper uncertainty. Clear direction is required in anything you do this year. For a smoother path, settle down and set your mind on a definite target.

Horse – 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, and 2002
Good fortune is bestowed upon you in 2011. However, be wary not to fall into love traps, or risk a bad reputation and monetary losses. Exercise vigilance whenever possible to prevent accidents.

Goat – 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991 and 2003
Be contented and bask in the rewards brought about in 2011. Being displeased will not only throw you into bewilderment, but it may cause you to lose what you have achieved last year. Make some plans to improve yourself through attending enrichment courses.

Monkey – 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, and 2004
A bright future is expected on the career front. However, health issues may arise, thus, be careful of what you eat and exercise regularly to eliminate possible dangers ahead.

Rooster – 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993 and 2005
This year you are in direct confrontation with the Rabbit. No lucky stars are in sight this year. It is time to adjust your frame of mind and accept the quiet year ahead. You shall be able to triumph over problems with negligible damage if you have been kind to others in 2010. Otherwise, you have to be prepared to stumble upon frequent obstacles and difficulties.

Dog – 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, and 2006
Reflect on your past faults and start anew to strive for brilliant achievements on the career front. However, bear in mind that conceit is detrimental to your success and you might fall into a gulf of desolation.

Pig – 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, and 2007
Do not be dismayed that things are not going as smoothly as it did in 2010. With willpower, perseverance and a clear conscience, you will be able to tide over all crises. Adopt the approach of loving your enemies, as this allows you to recognize your inadequacy and conquer them.


Wishing you prosperity and good health,

Vincent Koh
Principal Consultant
Singapore Feng Shui Centre

URL: www.fengshui.com.sg
Email: singfc@fengshui.com.sg
Tel: (65) 6747 8226
Fax: (65) 6747 8020
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