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Books: Unveil Your Destiny  
Author: SFSC_Admin
Published: 18/1/2004
Read 23566 times
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A Practical Guide To Harmonious Modern Living

"Four Pillars of Destiny analysis is a fascinating and complex scientific method for analysing the character, strengths and weaknesses for each individual person. Master Koh's fascinating book brings this ancient practice to life for the first time in English. Four Pillars analysis is an essential study for Feng Shui practitioners. For everyone else, this books offers an exciting new perspective on health, wealth, business, romance and relationships that you won't want to put down."

About The Book

Want to know more about what life has in store for you? Unveil Your Destiny helps you to make sense of the highly-condensed data in your Eight Characters. This book picks up where the author's first book, Hsia Calendar, left off and show you how to draw conclusions about your own destiny.

The procedures involved are logically explained and lucidly illustrated with working examples. Case studies have also been thrown in to help learners see how relevant principles are applied for a holistic analysis.

For those eager to dive into the nitty-gritties of feng shui and start tapping its wisdom, this is definitely the book.


Other Books By Grand Master Vincent Koh

I Ching - Wisdom Revealed

You will find this book shall help you better understand and apply the 8 trigrams, the 64 hexagrams and utilize the various I Ching divination methods...

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Basic Science Of Feng Shui

Previously perceived to be an inaccessible subject, the burgeoning interest in authentic Feng Shui over the years has led to an explosion of Feng Shui guides...

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Feng Shui For The New Millenium

This book will show you how the Feng Shui......invisible forces and energy flow...... of your home can have a huge impact on your life.

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Hsia Calendar

For the first time, the Hsia Calendar is now available in English to guide you into the world of Feng Shui. Complete with symbols, it is easy to use yet comprehensive.

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Basic Science Of Feng Shui

Rigorously researched, Basic Science of Feng Shui: A Handbook for Practitioners is no bedtime read for the average Feng Shui fan. It elucidates the theories and applications of authentic Feng Shui.

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Feng Shui Compass In English

For the benefits of non-Chinese speaking students, Master Vincent Koh has design and produce the FIRST FENG SHUI COMPASS IN ENGLISH. Retail price: SG$388-00

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