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Courses: Module 2 Contents  
Author: SFSC_Admin
Published: 19/1/2004
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Certificate of Practice in Feng Shui


Module 2

2.1 Further Analysis on Feng Shui & Luck Cycle.
2.2 Hidden Heavenly Stems in Earthly Branches.
2.3 The 24 Sub-Seasons.
2.4 Life Cycle of Hidden Heavenly Stems in the Earthly Branches
2.5 Body Parts Related to the Ten Heavenly Stems.
2.6 Relationship of self with other elements.
2.7 How to erect your Luck Cycle.
2.8 Destiny, Luck and Feng Shui Relationship.
2.9 Examples of Four Pillars of Destiny.
2.10 The Chinese Lunar Calendar.
2.11 The Chinese 'Tong Shu'.
2.12 The Twelve (12) Life Cycle of The Heavenly Stems.
2.13 The Relationships of The Ten Heavenly Stems.
2.14 Family Relationship Analysis.
2.15 Yearly and Monthly Flying Stars.
2.16 Feng Shui Layout Design of New Buildings.
2.17 Feng Shui Interior Decoration of houses and offices
2.18 Use of Color Schemes for enhancement.
2.19 Application of House Numbers with 'Lo-Shu' and 'River-Map' Theory.
2.20 Feng Shui Analysis.
2.21 Yearly, monthly & daily Flying Stars and its implications.
2.22 Identifying good and bad yearly flying stars.
2.23 Activating the good and avoid the bad stars.
2.24 Feng Shui cures for bad stars.
2.25 What is Substitute Stars.
2.26 Substitute Star Charts for Deviations.
2.27 When to apply Substitute Star charts.
2.28 Substitute Star Charts for Age 7 & 8
2.29 Water Theory for Feng Shui.
2.30 'Xiao Wang Shui' Water Theory.
2.31 The 'Eight Palace' Water Theory.
2.32 The 'Eight Killings' Water Theory.
2.33 'San He' Water Theory.
2.34 'Castle-Gate' Water Theory.
2.35 Application of water theories.
2.36 Advance Feng Shui Compass Rings.
2.37 Preparing layout plans for Feng Shui analysis.
2.38 Practical applications and Feng Shui analysis.
2.39 Further analysis on Eight House Feng Shui Theory.
2.40 Relationship between 'Lo-Shu' and 'Trigrams' arrangement.
2.41 Yearly Ruling Stars: 'Grand Duke' & 'Three Killings'.
2.42 The Hexagrams. (1-Ching).
2.43 Overview of The Feng Shui Compass and its inter-relationship.
2.44 Four Pillars of Destiny for Feng Shui practice.
2.45 Further analysis on the strength and weakness of the Five Element.
2.46 The Six Relationship of The Heavenly Stems and its implication.
2.47 Life Cycle of The Heavenly Stems and its implication.
2.48 Earthly Branch Symbolic Stars in Four Pillars

a) Marriage Stars
b) Academic Stars
c) Flower of Romance Stars
d) Star of Arts.
e) Travelling Stars.
f) Noblemen Stars.

2.49 Examples of Symbolic Stars in Four Pillars.


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