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Articles: Forecast On The Year of Rooster, 2005  
Author: nexus
Published: 17/1/2005
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Forecast On The Year of Rooster, 2005

Ruling Flying Star 4

The Year of the Rooster, 2005 in the Hsia calendar, commence from 4th Feb 2005 and ends on 3rd Feb 2006. The Chinese Lunar New Year falls on 9th February 2005.

Starting Hour of the year is at 0134hrs. Therefore, your child is still in the year of the Monkey E9 if he/she is born before this hour.

The Year of Rooster is symbolized by two elements, Yin Wood sitting on Yin Metal. This is the year of Yin Wood Rooster. With the Four Pillars of Destiny system we can forecast the possible events that may take place on this year. Generally,using the year pillar alone, an expert can make a general forecast. In my case, I choose to use the four pillars.

Four Pillars of Destiny
0134Hrs 4th February 2005

The first day of spring, H6Earth sitting on E8Earth is further supported with root E2Earth at hour branch. Earth is relatively strong. However, Earth in spring season E3Wood is at“death” stage. In addition, there are two Wood on the stems attacking Earth.

As a result Earth is still weak. Favorable elements; Fire to strengthened Earth and Metal to suppress the Wood attack. Wood and Water are unfavorable elements.

Strong Wood rules on the month of Feb E3, , MarE4 and AprE5 = Unfavorable and strong Wood will attack Earth, avoid Earth related industry eg. property speculations

Fire elements prosper in MayE6, , JunE7 , and JulyE8. . Fire will support the Earth = favorable for property and stocks speculations.

Metal rules in AugE9 , SeptE10 and OctE11. . Though Metal does not support Earth it helps to suppressed Wood. = favorable for Metal industry, eg. Gold and steel prices may go up.

Water is strong in NovE12 , DecE1 , and JanE2 . Water is unfavorable element = economic growth may weakened again during the last quarter of the year.

Flying Stars 2005

Ruling star for this year is 4, a Wood element, color Green, original position is Southeast, Nickname Wen Chi , an academic star. In 2005 star 4 landed in the centre and is in conflict with ruling star 8. Injuries to young children. Take care of your children in high stress activities. This year will also expect to see more divorces. Accidents and suicide rates may increase.

On the positive side, Star 4 with Star1 will bring academic excellence and more romances. Rooster is also a romance star, particularly for those born in the year of Rat, Monkey and Dragon.

Star 4 and Star 1 will bring academic excellence. 4 and 6, sum of 10 is harmonious.
4 and 9 though transform to Metal is not harmful. Star 4 represent elderly women in conflict with Star 8. Young men being attack by Star 4, women. Women bully men. Possibly more divorces may take place this year.

It is also necessary to guard the bad energies of star 5 in the Northwest sector. If your main door faces NW, traditionally, the Chinese would hang a 6 rods Metal wind chime.

Another potent energy Star 2 which is also a sickness star will arrive at the East sector. Traditional method is to hang a strand of 6 ancient Chinese metal coins.

The quarrelsome Star 3 will arrive at Southeast sector. To dissolve and harmonize this star is rather simple. Place a red color floor mat outside your door.

The Grand Duke (Tai Shui) for this year is in the West. Avoid carrying out substantial renovation works in this area. If your house is sitting with the back facing East there is another unfavorable energy or “sha” called the Three Killings (San Sha)

Symbolic Cures

The animal signs in conflict with the Rooster E10 is Rabbit E4. Since Rooster and Dragon are in harmony, you may place a Dragon figurine at the west sector of your house or room.

Minor conflict with the Rooster are those born in the years of Rooster, Rat and Dog. This may bring possible hidden sicknesses. Avoid dangerous sports and high stress exercise. Be mindful with your friends and colleagues to avoid conflicts in relationships. Avoid unnecessary visiting to hospitals.

Auspicious Animal Signs

Those who are born in the years of Dragon, Snake and Ox are in harmony with the Rooster. However, assessment is not totally reliable. It requires more than the year data to determine a persons luck cycle. For more details in this areas you may refer to Vincent’s books,‘Hsia Calendar’ and ‘Unveil your Destiny’ . We'll love to hear from you, please call 6747 8226 during business hours or you may drop us a comment here.

Annual Flying Star Chart 2005



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