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Articles: 2006 Forecast  
Author: nexus
Published: 5/2/2006
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Forecast On The Year of Dog, 2006

The Tradition

Traditionally, the Chinese celebrates this new year on 29 Jan 2006. On the eve, it is believed the Deity Of Wealth(Cai Shen) will arrive to bless those who pay him respect. Usually,the believers will gather at temples to usher the new year and in addition pay respect to the Cai Shen. In Singapore, the gathering are usually at the Chinese temples.

The most popular is Waterloo Street Kuan Yin Temple and Balestier Road Kuan Yin Temple. According to the Tong Shu (Chinese Almanac)this year Cai Shen is expected to arrive at 0010hours.from the North direction. There are those who do not want to be caught in the massive jam, choose to usher and pay respect to Cai Shen at their homes. Personally, I am quite skeptical to this believe. However,every year, I still observe this ritual and prefer to watch the rushing crowds at the Balestier Kuan Yin Temple. Its interesting!

Four Pillars of Destiny
4Feb2006 at 0725hours

In the Chinese astrology system, the year of Dog starts on 4Feb2006 at 0725hours. The 4 Pillars of the year are :


From the 4 pillars we noted that Wood 'prosper' in spring season. In addition WoodH1 sits on WaterE1 . Wood is relatively strong. Earth is in conflict with Wood. Earth is equally strong this year. Fire element is favorable (neutral) to harmonise the conflict between Wood and Earth. From here, we can conclude the auspicious color of the year will be RED.Though Red is the in color, be moderate on its applications. You have to take note of individual 4 pillars and the feng shui birth chart of your homes. This system of analysis require in-depth knowledge, and its application is rather technical. For more details consult a professional.

On the subtle point of view, 2006 is the year of Fire Dog. It constitutes two prevailing elements: Fire over Earth. From this pillar alone we can also deduce that this will be a hot and dry year. In addition E11(Xu) is the grave for Fire element, Fire storing in the Earth. With Fire above, there may be possible earthquakes and drought in NW regions. Due to the strong Fire element there may also be a possible outbreak of diseases. Maybe that's why the WHO is concerned over the possible outbreak of H5N1 bird flu. Let us hope this will not happen!.


Flying Stars 2006 & Cures

From the feng shui point of view, the ruling Star for this year is 3 and is at the centre. This is a quarrelsome star and can cause disputes and injuries. It is also in conflict with the ruling age Star 8 in the centre region. The meeting of these two stars may bring injuries to young children. Therefore, parents with young children are to be mindful in their children's daily activities especially with the hands. To harmonise this afflictions, use red color for the centre of your rooms.

Potent Stars 2 and 5 are at SE and W respectively. If your main door faces SE or W, traditionally the Chinese would hang a 6 rod metal wind- chime or a strand of 6 ancient metal coins to dilute these two negative energies. Basically, any metal objects will do. Do not be mislead by professional tricksters selling mystical objects and 'charms'.

The Grand Duke(Tai Shui) is at Northwest(NW1). Traditionally the Chinese believe not to offend the Tai Shui of the year. Therefore, they would avoid carrying out any movement or renovation works at this sector. However, if renovation works is inevitable, choose an auspicious day from the Chinese Alamac (Tong Shu). Otherwise consult an expert in this area.

Another setor called the Three Killings or San Sha is at the North. Again, it is believe not to carry out any movement or renovation if your house sit on North.

Somehow, some months or some days our houses will be in conflict with these stars. So what do we do?.If your house has good feng shui you should not worry. If you are not sure in these areas, consult an expert.


Animal Signs

Those born in the years of Rabbit, Tiger and Horse are compatible with the Dog. Therefore, some believe if you are in conflict with the Dog, place a Rabbit at the NW sector of your room.

Person born in the year of Dragon are said to be in conflict with the Dog. In Chinese astrology we classified this as a clash. In addition Ox, Ram and Rooster are also in conflict/clash. Many people are feaful of a clash. Believe me, for some people, a clash is good omen. Why? because a complete and accurate analysis is based not only on our year of birth but it includes month, day and hour of our birth datas . We called this 4 pillars of destiny analysis. Your annual luck cycles can be deduce from this system. More details are available in my book, Unveil Your Destiny.

Some would prefer to let nature takes it own course. Whether they are in good luck or not, the results will show by the end of the year when the Pig takes over on 4/Feb/2007. They believe if things is going to happen it will happen. However, though we cannot stop the rain from falling but we can prevent ourselves from being drenched. So why not be prepared.

Feng Sui is an art of living in harmony with the environment. If you have good feng shui practice in your home or workplace, you should not worry. Reliable Feng Shui is also like a weather report, it can help us to forecast the weather for us to make our daily decisions. For those who miss my classes, there are many interesting Feng Shui guide books available at the bookstores. Otherwise consult a professional.

"Feng Shui is subtle, simple and graceful"

For more details in this areas you may refer to Vincent’s books,‘Hsia Calendar’ and ‘Unveil your Destiny’ . We'll love to hear from you, please call 6747 8226 during business hours or you may drop us a comment here.

Annual Flying Star Chart 2006






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