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Articles: 2007 Forecast  
Author: nexus
Published: 24/1/2007
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Forecast On The Year of Pig, 2007

The Tradition

The Chinese Lunar New Year falls on 18th February 2007. Traditionally, the Chinese celebrates their New Year on this day. On the eve of lunar new year, it is believed that the Deity of Wealth (Cai Shen) will come down from heaven to bless those who pay respect to him. Normally, the followers will gather at Chinese Temples before midnight to usher the New Year and in addition pay respect to Cai Shen. So if you want to join the crowd, be there before 2300hrs on 17th Feb 07. The most popular places to visit is Waterloo Street Kuan Yin Temple and Balestier Road Kuan Yin Temple. Though skeptical, every year, I still observe this annual traditional ritual at Balestier Kuan Yin Temple. Hope to see you there on that night.


Four Pillars of Destiny
4th February 2007 at 1314hrs

In the Chinese astrology system, the year of Pig commence on 4th February 2007 at 1314hrs.That means the Pig year arrive 14 days before the lunar new year. Therefore, the Pig take over from the Dog on this date. If your child is born on or after this date he/she belongs to year of the Pig. Details of this information are available in the Hsia Calendar or Chinese Almanac (Tong Shu). In addition, the Hsia Calendar records the passage of time and is also a tool for fortune analysis. Similarly, we can adopt this system (4 Pillars of Destiny Analysis) to carry out a prediction for the year 2007.



The Year of the pig 2007 is symbolized by two elements ; FireH4 over WaterE12 . According to the 5 elemental cycle, FireH4 is in conflict with WaterE12 . On the macro analysis, we can predict that this year may bring a relatively unrest and international struggle for power. FireH4 over WaterE12 is at ‘conception’ stage, and is therefore not an aggressive Fire. As such any up surging or struggles will be short-lived. PigE12 is at birth stage for Wood. E12 is also a traveling star ( so are E3 , E6 & E9 ). Wood symbolized timber industry and traveling horse symbolized travel industry. But the auspicious months for these industries will be, May, September and December. However, do not expect tremendous growth.

On the micro analysis, EarthH6 (Day Stem) born in Early Spring WoodE3 is weak. Favorable element will be Fire. Therefore, the auspicious color for this year is Red.

However, there are two Fire element to support the Fire. Earth symbolized Property industry. Therefore, we can expect property prices may continue to rise in the the month of May, June and July, but will ease off from August onwards.

Fire is the favorable element for Earth. Fire symbolized the Stock markets and Oil industry. We can also expect the stock index to continue moving upwards and oil may be in demand. But this again will cool off by third quarter of the year when Fire turns weak.


Flying Star Analysis

Annual Flying Star, 2007 : 2

The annual star for this year is no. 2 and is a sickness star. It lies on the ruling star 8 in the centre. Therefore, this star may bring more sickness to young children. Take note of young children indulging in unhealthy habits & external influences. However, 2 and 8 form a 10 combination and shall not bring much great disasters. To harmonise Star 2, place a gold color floor rug in the centre of your house.

Star 3, a quarrelsome and conflicting star arrive at the Northwest sector. If your main door faces this direction, place a red color floor mat outside the main entrance door. Some suggest painting the door red. I think it may not look pleasant to have a red door.

Star 5, arrives at the Northeast sector. This is another negative star that could spell loss and sickness. To harmonise this star, traditionally the Chinese prefer hanging a 6 rod wind-chime or 6 ancient Chinese metal coins to neutralize this negative energy. You do not have to buy expensive coins for it to be effective.

Star 4 arrives at the West sector and is good for academic studies and romance activations.

For studies, you may place your study desk in this sector for your children and for singles place a vase with fresh flowers in the bedroom at West sector. I wish you "Good" luck ! However, beware of scandals.


The 12 Animal Signs

Those born in the year of Snake, particularly WaterH10 Snake (1983,) is in conflict with the Fire Pig. In addition, those born in the year of Pig (self persecuting clash) and Monkey (conflicted clash) are also in opposition to the Snake. In the 24 mountains of the compass, E12 Snake is at NW2 (refer to Vincent’s Luopan). Avoid excessive activities in this sector of your house. Also avoid carrying out renovation work if your house faces this direction. In case you need to do so, avoid starting works from this sector (NW2).

As the Pig is the animal in clash with the Snake, people born in the year of the snake believe that they should carry a pendant of a Tiger which will help to attract away the Pig. Personally I would suggest placing the Tiger figurine at the NW2 sector of your house or in your bedroom. It’s not so pleasant to see a tiger pendant dangling on your body.

Many people are fearful of annual clashes with their birth year. Cool down. This is not always the case. A complete and more accurate destiny analysis is based not only on the year pillar but it includes month, day and hour of birth datas. We called this system ‘The Four Pillars of Destiny’ or Bazi (8 characters). Sometimes a clash with the Pig in your 8 character can be beneficial to you. This system of analysis is also my favorite subject. More details are available in my book “Unveil Your Destiny”.

The 6 Pairs of Clashes The 6 Pairs of Harmony
Rat – Horse Rat – Ox
Ox – Ram Tiger - Pig
Tiger – Monkey Rabbit - Dog
Rabbit – Rooster Dragon - Rooster
Dragon – Dog Snake - Monkey
Snake – Pig Horse – Ram

The 3 Sets of Harmony
Rat + Dragon + Monkey
Ox + Snake + Rooster
Tiger + Horse + Dog
Rabbit + Ram + Pig


The I-Ching Forecast.

In a more advance approach, we can adopt the I Ching Oracle system to carry out an annual forecast for the year of the pig. This is done by converting the Year Pillar into a Hexagram. For this year, the Hexagram no.43 is Tui (Lake) over Qian (Heaven) - Guai

Note: The following Hexagram is different from Xian Kong Da Gua system

Guai means to make decision. To proceed or not to proceed. And decision must be quick and timely. Therefore, if you have consolidated and made up your decision to carry out your assignment this year, do not hesitate, go ahead and you will succeed. On the other hand, if there are uncertainties on your plans or assignments, you should also trust your decision not to proceed. On the macro level, there will also be substantial changes in International polices this year.

The Hexagram Guai consists of two trigrams. A lake over Heaven, symbolized an overcast sky. Therefore, we can expect more rainfall and cold weather around the world this year.



Some people may prefer to let Nature takes it own course. Whether they are in good luck or not, they believe that hard work and honest living will pay off. However, that may not always be the truth. Though we cannot stop the rain from coming but knowing it is going to come, we can prevent ourselves from being drenched! So why not be prepared.

Feng Shui is an Art of placing ourselves in harmony with the environment. If you practice and observed good Feng Shui, you have less worries. Reliable Feng Shui audit is also like a weather report, it can help us to predict the changes in the environment. Like it or not, the environment around us changes everyday, at home or in our workplace. To-date, I have shared and taught this ancient Chinese knowledge and practice to many people around the world and they have benefited and improved their lives tremendously. To carry out this Art effectively, you need to understand the underlying Science and Chinese Metaphysics. Science includes the studies of landform, nature, Chinese architecture & culture, cosmology, etc. For those who had missed attending my classes, there are abundant Feng Shui guide books available at the bookstores. Otherwise, consult a professional. After all,

“Feng Shui is subtle, simple and graceful”

Vincent Koh
Feng Shui Mentor (FSM)

17th January 2007




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