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Articles: 2008 Forecast  
Author: nexus
Published: 5/1/2008
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Forecast On The Year of Rat, 2008

2008 is the year of the Rat (Mouse). Within the 12 Chinese animal sign, Rat is placed at number one. Associate to element Water, indicating crafty, intelligent and alert. They know when to retreat and able to sense danger ahead. Where there are human they will always be there. Incidentally, human treat them as enemy. They tend to steal from you, but children love them. Mention the word mouse (Rat) and they will say Mickey Mouse. As a kid, I love to watch the cartoon series, Tom & Jerry. Till today, I still enjoy watching.

The Tradition

The Hsia Calendar records the year 2008 with 2 characters called a pillar, consisting a Stem and a Branch. There are 10 Stems and 12 Branches (12 animals) making a complete combinations of 60 pillars. 2008, year of the Rat is paired with a stem called Wu (H5) a Yang Earth element and is within the 25th year of the 60 year cycle. Therefore, 2008 is an Earth Rat, nayin Fire.

Chinese Lunar New Year falls on 7th February 2008. On the eve of lunar New Year (6/2/08) it is believed that the Deity of Wealth or Cai Shen Yeh will visit Earth and bless those who pay respect to him. Before midnight, believers will gather at Chinese temples to usher the New Year and in addition pay respect to Cai Shen. The two most popular locations are Waterloo and Balestier Kuan Yin Temple. Though skeptical, I still observe this annual ritual at the latter. It’s a good experience. Hope to see you there.

Traditionally, the Chinese will celebrates Lunar New Year on 7th February 2008 which is the 1st day of the first lunar month and it is also believes that those born on or after this day belong to the year of the Rat, which is not. Auspicious date for business re-opening (kai kong) is 11/02/08. However, not suitable for those born in year of pig.

Four Pillars of Destiny
Starting day for year of Rat : 4th February 2008 at 1903 hrs.

The actual date of the Rat year commence on 4/2/2008 at 1903 hours. That is 3 days before the Chinese Lunar New Year. This information is available in my book, Hsia Calendar. In addition, the Hsia Calendar is also a tool for converting our birth data into a Chinese divination system called the Bazi or 8 characters. Over these years, I have found this system very reliable and accurate to trace our life path.

Similarly we can also use this system to carry out this year’s forecast.
04 Feb 2008 Hour of Dog



The year of the Rat is symbolized by a pillar of Yang Earth H5 over Yang Water E1 . According to the five elemental cycles, Earth attack Water. However, as Rat, is the ruling year, Water is strong, Especially after Q2. Earth cannot control the strong Water. This year, we can expect more water disaster especially in the 3Q of the year. Severe cold weather, more floods and tsunami are expected. Therefore, holidays makers, especially those who love going to beaches take note.

Earth and Water is in conflict. There will be more international struggle for freedom and human rights. Though Earth H5 has the intention to combine with the hidden Water H10 in E1 , any intention to compromise has to be mutual and bi lateral and any peace settlement require a third party. By Q3 there will be much peace settlement worldwide

The Rat is also a flower of romance year. We shall expect many issues will arise in affairs of the heart. Those already married are advice to avoid falling into uncalled relationships. More sexual related diseases will surface. United efforts are required to fight disasters like sudden outbreak of sexual diseases.

Looking at the 4 pillars as a whole, the day stem is Wood H1 , born in the season of Spring. Moreover, there are 2 additional supporting Wood and one water feeding the Wood. In this set of 4 pillars, Wood is relatively strong. However, in early spring Wood is still cool and damp. Therefore, Fire is needed. Since Wood is strong it can conquer Earth. Earth is the weakest in strong Wood season. Though there are 3 Earth it cannot hold the Wood for long. Therefore, in the first quarter, property prices will still continue to remain stable. Prices will rise again from May to September.

Since favorable element for this year is Fire, the auspicious color for 2008 is red. Fire related industries like power and energy, electronics, oil will be in demand. I expect oil prices will continue to rise again in the Q2and ease off by August.

Singapore is waiting for the outcome on the claim for the lighthouse on the island Pedra Branca. The verdict is expected to be announced in September. Will Singapore win? Geographically Singapore is located in the South. South is associated to the element Fire. This year the strong Wood will support Fire. I predict Singapore is more favorable.

On the macro level, we can also predict the performance of various industries. Oil will still be in demand and be prepared for more increase in oil prices. Wood, timber and furniture industries will flourish. More forest is expected to be brought down. This may also contribute to the already global warming weather. Shipping and mining, travel related will slow down and face fierce competition. Stock market index will continue to rise from May to August. US dollars will continue to stay weak. More companies will be listed, but be mindful in your speculations especially on the third quarter.

Wood and Water are unfavorable element this year. Related industries are constructions, printing, timber and shipping.


Flying Star Analysis

Annual Flying Star for 2008 is 1


The annual ruling star for this year is 1. The number 1 represents Water and will be sitting on the centre of the ruling age 8. Eight represent young children. Be mindful of water activities. Water over young children. Be careful to those who love water sports. Make sure you have your life jackets on. Water and Earth is also in conflict. Earth also relates to stomach. This year more children may have stomach related sickness. Today medical cares are expensive, make sure you are well protected and insured.

In flying stars, there are 3 potents stars that all of us should take note.
This year, star 5 is at South and star 2 at Northwest. Traditionally, these 2 stars can be harmonized by hanging a strand of 6 ancient Chinese metal coins or a 6 rods metal wind chimes. No ‘opening eyes’ required.

Star 3, a quarrelsome star is at the West. If it faces your main door, use red color or a lighted lamp to harmonise this star. You don’t paint your door red! Otherwise, it may be mistaken as ……… Alternatively, you can place a red color door mat outside your door step.

The timely star 8 or sometime called the wealth star is at East direction. If your main door face east and in addition you have a pool outside, make sure the water is clean and active. You have the potential to gain some wealth.

Another good star 9 is at Southeast. It is also a romance star. To enhance your romance and relationship, place a bouquet of fresh flowers at this sector in you room.

Academic star 4 is at Northeast. This sector is good for your children study corner. You may place your study desk at this sector. Do not place water here.

Star 6 though faded, is still usable if you have attended my lessons. This year it is at the North sector. Place still water to enhance your career and travel opportunity. And finally star 7 at SW. Beware of robbery and fire hazard especially if it falls in your kitchen. You may also place a bowl of still water in this sector.

Summary of 2008 Flying Stars

Auspicious Directions

East---------------- 8
Southeast---------- 9

Average Directions

North ------------- 6
Southwest -------- 7

Inauspicious Directions

South--------------- 5
West---------------- 3
Northwest----------- 2


The 12 Animal Signs, Grand Duke & Three Killings

The ruling grand duke or Tai Tsui is at the North (N). Ruling animal is the Rat. Those born in the year of Horse are in conflict with the Rat. So is the Rabbit and Rooster. Avoid carrying out renovation works at North(N) and South(S) sectors. If you need to do so, pick an auspicious date.

Those born in the year of Horse are believed to be in conflict with the Rat. They would carry an Ox pendant hopefully to attract away the Rat, or they may go to the Temple to pray for peace. However, this is not the always the true case. A more complete and accurate system to correlate a clash is based on your total birth data, i.e. your year, month, day and time of birth, and we called this the 4 pillars of destiny analysis. More information is available in my book, Unveil Your Destiny.

The 3 killings, nick-named Shan Sha is at the South. Tsui Por is also at South. Couple with star 5 in this sector, South is rather crucial. Avoid knocking or renovation works in this sector of your homes. Again, if you need to do so, pick an auspicious day. Otherwise seek professional advice.


The 6 Clashes The 6 Combinations
Rat – Horse Rat – Ox
Ox – Ram Tiger - Pig
Tiger – Monkey Rabbit - Dog
Rabbit – Rooster Dragon - Rooster
Dragon – Dog Snake - Monkey
Snake – Pig Horse – Ram

The Persecuting Clash
Rat and Rabbit

The 3 Combinations
Rat + Monkey + Dragon


The I-Ching Forecast.

In a more advance approach, we can adopt the I Ching Oracle system to carry out an annual forecast for the year of the Rat. This is done by converting the Year Pillar into a Hexagram. For this year, the Hexagram no.29 is Kan (Water)

Note: The following Hexagram is different from Xian Kong Da Gua system

Kan is made up of two primary trigrams, Water above and Water below. Water is associated with difficulties or danger. In this hexagram, each trigram consists of a yang line between two yin lines. The two yin lines form a ravine through which water, represented by the central yang line flows. Meeting with obstruction and entrapment are symbolized here.

the ancient ideograph is a symbol of a Earth on the left and the right half is made up of two parts. The upper portion depicts a person standing on one foot with the other foot off the ground symbolizing a falling movement. Suggesting there will be more floods and earthquakes particularly in the northeastern regions. In the political arena, there will be more struggle for freedom and human rights. Although this year is full of difficulties and dangers one can seek the advice and wisdom of I Ching, and I quote:

“ be content with the low position. By remaining low, one may be safe and free from competition”

“ remain profound. A profound mind is as quiet as the deep ocean. Therefore, it is undisturbed by the waves on the surface”.

“ give generously. Water constantly gives without asking to be repaid”.

“ speak faithfully. The flow of water moves with gentleness, it can overcome even the hardest obstacle under heaven”.

“ work capably and adaptly. Water can fit what is square or what is round. It keeps its true nature in any containment or circumstance”.

“ take action opportunely. Water freezes in Winter and melts in Spring. Its inflexibility in the Winter is like death. Its softness in the Spring generates new life”.

“ never fight. Water does not fight for itself, thus it is beyond blame”.

This implies that humans like to be in the high positions rather than low ones. This has become a source of conflict for many. As a result one is frustrated. Be mindful and act within your means and limitations.


There are 3 views toward Feng Shui.
The first, are those who are currently performing well and does not believe in Feng Shui at all. They believe luck is always with them.

The second are those who believe and seek Feng Shui to improve their lives. These are people who are in bad luck cycles and they seek advice of the professionals hoping to turn them around.

The third are those who are superstitious and thought Feng Shui is magic. These people will do whatever you say or recommend them to do. This is dangerous and will taint the practice of Feng Shui..

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, subconsciously every one of us is applying Feng Shui practice in our daily lives. Example, you would like to choose a good day to get married or to start a new business. Choosing the right color for your dress codes to meet someone. All these have Feng Shui implications.

Of course there are those who may prefer to let nature takes its own course. They believe honest living and hard works will eventually trade off. This may not always be the truth. Though we cannot change our destiny, but by knowing our destiny path we can take necessary steps to prevent pitfalls during bad luck cycles. Yes, we cannot stop the rain but knowing it is going to fall we can prevent ourselves from being drenched. So why not be prepared.

In practice, Feng Shui is an art of living in harmony with our environment. Knowing our environment well is like a reliable weather report, it can help us to predict the changes within our surrounding. Our surrounding environment changes everyday, either at home or in the societies. Over the last ten years, I have shared and taught this ancient art to people around the world and they have benefited and improved their lives tremendously.

However, to carry out this Art effectively, you need to understand the underlying science behind it. Chinese Science includes the study of geography, astrology, mathematics, numerology, architecture and Chinese cultures, etc… Even symbolic art is involved and effective if you know the secrets within.

For those who had missed attending my classes in SP, may not fully understand the above. However, today, there are abundant Feng Shui materials and guide books readily available either in the internets or bookstores. Otherwise consult a Professional. After all

“Feng Shui is subtle, simple and graceful”

Year of the Rat will end on 3rd February 2009. Till then,

Good luck and may I wish all

A Happy and Prosperous Year of the Rat, 2008

Vincent Koh
Feng Shui Mentor (FSM)

2nd January 2008




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