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Courses: Certificate of Practice In I Ching Divination.  
Author: nexus
Published: 23/12/2008
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Certificate of Practice In I Ching Divination. (SFSC)

I Ching Divination is based on the Chinese classic Book of Changes. In this course participants will learn from erecting the 64 hexagrams to the analysis of the 384 Yao. There will be two method of approach to the divination, The Mei Hua and The Wen Wang Methods of analysis. The course will start with the erection of the hexagrams, identify the subject and object trigram, the moving lines, nuclear hexagram, and its meaning to the interpretations of the 384 lines. Real life case will be taught in class. To join this course participants are required to be familiar with the basic eight trigrams. Upon successful completion fo the whole course, participants are required to sit for an examination for the award of our Certificate.

All our courses are conducted in a conducive environment with professional audio and visual facilities. To save time during our lessons in the classroom, in particular for case studies, charts are drawn instantly with our softwares on the screen with powerpoint slides. All lessons are taught by Vincent.


8 Lessons x 3hrs evening classes
Time: 6:45pm to 9:45pm


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