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Articles: 2009 Forecast  
Author: nexus
Published: 27/12/2008
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Forecast For The Year of Ox, 2009

2009 is the year we usher in the Ox. This round is an Earth Ox and the last time we had the same Ox was in 1949. Within the 12 Chinese animal zodiac signs, the Ox is placed second chronologically. It corresponds to the earthly branch Chou (E2) and the element Yin Earth.

In the Chinese Hsia calendar also known as the 10,000 years calendar, 2009 carries a pillar with heavenly stem Ji (H6) and the element Yin Earth. The solar term spans from Hsiao Han to Li Chun and governing the time from 0100hr to 0300hr. 2009 is a year of Earth over Earth.

How will the year of the Ox fare in comparison to the exiting Rat year?

The Ox

People born in the year of the Ox are generally categorized as hard-working and will not seek for credit even they are manipulated. In ancient times the Ox has to toil in the padi fields from dawn to dusk, helping their human owners. They are conservative, introvert and wary of any new fashions that might challenge their quiet life. They appear to be calm but underneath they are hot-tempered and as easily angered as an Ox, but others should not provoke them. Once angry, they will only calm down on their own accord.

Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year falls on the 26th January 2009, but the Ox will only
arrive on the 4th February 2009 @ 0052hrs. Mr. Ox, you have to clean up the mess left behind by Mickey, the Rat in 2008. Can you do it? We hope you can.

The following are those born in the year of Ox (E2):-


The last same Earth Ox was in 1949. Generally, those born in the night are more fortunate than those born in the day.

The Hsia Calendar records the Year 2009 with two Chinese characters called a pillar. For this year it is Yin Earth over Yin Earth. The Nayin of this pillar is Fire.

Traditionally, the Chinese will celebrate Lunar New Year (LNY) on the 26th January 2009. As usual on the eve of LNY it is believed that the Deity of Wealth or Cai Shen Ye will bless those who pay early respect to him. On that night believers will gather at the ever popular Goddess of Mercy temple in Waterloo Street to plant in the first lighted joss stick for Cai Shen Ye. As usual I prefer to visit the Goddess of Mercy Temple at Balestier Road as the crowd over there is more subtle. Of course I am still waiting and hoping to meet Cai Shen Ye!. Face East to welcome Cai Shen Ye this year.

Baby Ox

It is also believed that those born on or after lunar new year’s day belongs to the animal sign of the Ox (E2), which is incorrect. The Ox (E2) will only arrive on 4th February 2009 at 0052 hours. Therefore, a child born before this date is considered a Rat.

The Year Pillar

The year of Ox is symbolized by a pillar of Yin Earth H6() over Yin Earth E2(). According to the 5 elemental Qi cycle, Earth supports Earth. That means Heaven Qi is in harmony with the Earth Qi. Both the stem and the branch earth are fertile farm soil. As Earth and Earth are in harmony, as compared to 2008, we can expect more international harmony this year. In addition, farm soil is ideal for production and growth. 2009 will expect to see new innovations. Probably creation of new tools and guidelines for financial markets, international trades, crisis management and disease control. Earth to Earth may also means competitors. Developed countries may also gear up for more competition in their innovations.

E2() Yin Earth is damped soil. For healthy growth, we need Fire element. Since there is an absence of Fire element, the current weak economy’s recovery will be slow but steady. Any sign of recovery will be in Q2. However, this will be short-lived and would relapse again by Q3. Last year 2008 was a pillar of Earth over Water. As Earth and Water are in conflict it has brought massive political struggles, economic downturn and natural disasters in many developed countries. This year we can expect to see more harmonious international relationships among new elected leaders worldwide. Earth is also related to the stomach. This year will bring wide spread of diseases. More on stomach (gastro) related problems in particular to young males. Avoid unnecessary over eating. Those with weak stomach or gastric issues should pay more attention to their diet.

Hidden in the Earth branch E2 (), are Earth H6(), Water H10 () and Metal H8(). Since Metal and Water are stored (trapped) inside the Earth, according to the 5 elemental relationships, Metal and Water will drain the Earth. This will weaken the Earth. There will be major landslides, floods and earthquakes in the Q3 and Q4 when Earth element is weak. Probably in the North and Northeast regions.

As Earth weakens in the Q3, Earth related industries like property developments, real estates and agricultures will be affected in the Q4. Metal related industries like automobile and engineering will face slow down in demand. Earth E2() is the ‘grave’ of Metal. Metal also symbolizes money. Money being stored in the ‘grave’ also implies the economy will face issues in obtaining cash funding.
Financial institutions will be more reluctant to part with their money. Applications of loans and credit facilities will be more difficult. For those who had committed in the DPS (deferred payment scheme) of property purchased in 2008 will have a hard time securing their loans in the year 2009.

There will be more mergers and acquisitions of listed companies. Many countries around the world will be gathering together to resolve the recession and financial issues that had spilled over from 2008. Operations of businesses will face tough competition. Do not expect immediate economic recovery until Q2. Avoid taking unnecessary risks in the Q1.

The Four Pillars of Year 2009

04 Feb 2009
0052 Hrs

The actual date of the Ox E2() year commences on 4/2/2009 at 0052 hours precisely 10 days after the LNY. [This information is available in my Hsia Calendar published by Asiapac Books Pte Ltd.] In addition, the Hsia calendar is also a tool for converting our birth data into a Chinese divination system called the Four Pillars of Destiny also known as Bazi, meaning our 8 characters. We can also adopt this system to carry out a more detail forecast.



Metal H7() in Spring season is weak in this set of four pillars. In addition, it is being clipped by two Fire elements H3(). Earth H6() is the buffer for Metal H7(). Although Earth is present, it is still weak in Spring season. Earth will be under stress. Using this system to forecast, we can see that earth related industries like property development, real estates and hotel industries will be severely under stress and faces heavy competitions. I predict that the property market will be weakened by the Q1. Any recovery in Q2 will only be short-lived.

Weak Metal cannot attack Wood. Wood is the wealth aspect of Metal. This indicates the financial money market will remain weak. Metal is the direction of West. Western economies, such as USA will remain weak. Metal needs the support of Earth. Earth is at the centre. Central region like China will play a major role in this revival.

Fire can exhaust the Wood from attacking the Earth. In the Q2 when Fire is strong, Earth will gain strength to support the Metal. Property prices will escalate in Q2 but only short lived.

Fire element is the booster for the stock market. The stock market will continue to remain weak and will probably show some improvement only in the Q2 and but will falter again by year end.

E2() Earth is the grave of Metal element. Metal represent monies. Therefore, the current financial crises will not expect recovery until end Q3. Those born in the Year of Horse and Ram will not be so lucky this year.

Combinations and Clashes of the Year

It is also believe that those born in the year of Ram E8 () are in direct conflict with the Ox E2 () at the direction North East ( Compass position NE1 between 22.5 – 37.5 degrees ). Rat E1 () is in harmony with the Ox E2 (), and so are the Snake E6 () and Rooster E10 ().

The Annual Grand Duke - Tai Sui

It is believed that there is an annual governing officer (called Tai Sui) coming down from heaven and should not be offended. This year the Tai Sui is called Fu You. The direction is Northeast. Again in Feng Shui practice it is believed that one should avoid carrying out massive renovation at this sector. To do so is deemed to be in offence with the Tai Sui. This is true.

The Three Killing - San Sha

Another afflicting direction called the San Sha is in the East. It governs the following 3 mountains: EI(), E(), E2(). Besides these 3 mountains another 2 directions NE2(), SE1() are also included.

Houses sitting on San Sha should avoid major renovation works. So what happen if you need to repair your falling walls? Obviously you need a feng shui cure first.

Ox() is also the friend of the Rat E1 (), especially those of you born in 1948, 1960 and 1982. You will be blessed with helpful people around you.. The Ox() is also harmonious with the Rooster E10 () and Snake E6 (). For that relationship, the Ox() may help to clear up the mess left behind by the Rat E1().

Nobleman Star

Ox E2() is the Nobleman star for those born with Heavenly Stem H1(), H5 () and H7().

In Four Pillars analysis, E2() Earth is the grave of Metal element. Metal represent monies. Monies is being locked. People will be more mindful in their spending and investment. The financial market will face stiff challenges to convince investors to dip into their pockets. Therefore, the Oct 2008 financial tsunami which had write-off huge loses will not expect immediate recovery until end Q3.

The God of Wealth - Cai Shen Ye

The God of Wealth - Cai Shen Ye is at the East. Those born on the day of Yang Wood H1(), H5() and H7() will be blessed with Nobleman star at Northeast direction. Light up a lamp at this sector to activate your nobleman’s luck.

The Academic Star – Wen Chang

The Wen Chang star is located at the West, E10(). You may use this sector to enhance your child’s study. Place the study desk or bookshelf at this sector of your home.

Further analysis of auspicious symbolic stars are also traceable in our Four Pillars of destiny charts.

Compatible Animal signs:

Conflicts with the Ox:

3 Persecuting Clash


A clash or a conflict with the Ox E2 () is not necessary inauspicious. In the 4 pillars system analysis, our luck cycles analysis are based on our total birth data information, that is, taking into consideration the year, month, day and hour of our birth.

Our annual luck analysis is based on the interactions of the annual pillar with our 4 pillars (Bazi). This system is more accurate and it is also my favorite subject. Those who are interested and wish to know more may refer to my books Unveil Your Destiny and Hsia Calendar published by Asiapac Books Pte Ltd.

Looking at the Four Pillars of the year as a whole, Metal born in early Spring is weak and cold. Favorable element Fire and Earth appears on the Year and Month stem. Earth is the mother of Metal; therefore I would expect the economy to recover from June but at a slow and steady pace. Though many expert and renowned analysts are negative in their forecast, I am more optimistic. 2009 will not be as bad as what you are reading everyday in the media’s forecast.

The Book of I Ching states:-

“When Yin reaches its maximum Yang will emerge”

Everything goes down will rise again. This is the law of Nature. At this point the sluggish markets have not reached the bottom yet. Though the Ox E2 () has arrived it will only mature in December 2009. Although it’s a long road to recovery but it’s worth waiting.

Auspicious Trades:

This year the favorable elements are Fire and Earth, Wood is Neutral. Auspicious colors are red, orange and brown.

Fire Industries:
Oil and energy
Hotels and Travel related

Earth Industries
Civil Engineering
Chemical and

Wood Industries - Average

Inauspicious Trades
Unfavorable elements are Metal and Water

Metal Industries:
IT & Computers
Beauty products

Water Industries:

Oil prices are currently dipping and could rise by Q2 but not to the price of the peak in 2008. Gold prices will remain stable and fluctuate by Q3. Stock market will remain weak and probably start to pick up momentum by Q2. Property market will be competitive with surplus spill over from year 2008. So it’s also a good time to buy if you need one, but not for speculative purposes.


I-Ching Divination.

This year’s hexagram is Lu ()
Hexagram 56
Fire over Mountain
Year Pillar void: E7(), E8().

Hexagram No 56, Lu() is made up of 2 trigrams, Fire above and Mountain below. This is a 6 combination Kua, a harmonious combination. In this Hexagram, Power and Parent lines are missing. Mother hexagram = Li().

As this is a harmonious hexagram, the world will be more peaceful this year. There will be less terrorism threats and piracy. Parent line represents support. With the absence of parent it implies third world countries will receive less international aids and attention this year.

Mountain below represents obstacles and hindrance. Upper trigram Li() represents brightness and happiness. It also depicts the sun rising high over the mountain. This image shows us that after clearing all obstacles and difficulties from 2008, there will be happiness and potential ahead. It implies that despite the spill-over of the financial tsunami, earthquake, floods, snow storms and political struggles in 2008, the dust will settle by mid year.

There are two wealth lines appearing on the third and fourth line of the hexagram. Wealth lines represent the financial market. The money market may recover by Q3 of the year.

E8(): Children line falls on ‘void’. This implies possible injuries to young children. Highway accidents will rise in November and December. Be mindful when driving long distance.

E7(): Sibling line falls on ‘void’ implies disharmony among neighbors. Territorial disputes could arise among some neighboring countries in April and May.

Lu() means to travel from one place to another. This year should expect more people traveling either for work or for business. Migrations will rise, probably due to the massive retrenchment of workforce by MNC.

A good year for moving houses and jobs changes will be the most active events of the year. Travel and air related business will expect more demands. Travel tax and insurance will also be more expensive. This is a good time for self enhancement and re-training for new skills.

This hexagram also depicts the Fire Li() burning above the Mountain Ken(). With strong wind (hidden), Fire will spread and burnt swiftly anything on its way. There will be more fire hazards, and global warming issues will be one of the main topics for world leaders. Beware of fire injuries. More young children may be injured by fire this year.

Li() kua is a middle age woman and Ken() kua is a young male. This means a woman taking the lead while man stays behind. It implies more woman will remain or be hire in the workforce while more males will be force out of employment markets. So men, it’s time for you to perform some house chores.

Hexagram, Lu() implies that one should be mindful when traveling abroad. You should take one step at a time and be tolerant of the different cultures of the hosts. When traveling do not argue over small expenses or trouble will arise. Avoid unnecessary travel abroad.

It also shows the sun Li() rising high over the mountain Ken(). After clearing the obstructions Ken() below, there will be brightness and happiness Li() at the forefront. There will be lights waiting ahead of the gloomy economy. So do not despair with the current market situations. If you had suffered lost in your investment or being retrenched in your jobs do not despair. Let us all look forward for a brighter future. It shall improve by Q2.

Annual Flying Stars

In the Feng Shui system, we can also look into the annual energy changes and how this could affect the Feng Shui of our homes and offices. The changes of the new energies for this year can be mapped on a nine grid chart.

The annual ruling star for this year is 9.

Star 9, sits on the ruling Age star 8. Fire over Earth. Fire hazard on young males, sexual diseases problems will increase, especially Aids and HIV cases. There will be more incentives to encourage young couples to tie the knot. More babies will be born this year. This will also bring more business to baby product trades.

Star 1, flies to NW residing over ruling star 9. Though Fire and Water is in conflict, they are both timely stars and also form a combination sum of 10. Since star 1 is also an auspicious star it will not bring much harm. This is also one of the wealth sectors. To activate place a moving water feature.

Star 2, the sickness star is at West sector. The US economy will continue to be weak. Beware of transmitted illness from the West. If your main door faces this direction, to harmonize this star hang a strand of 6 metal coins or any metal objects.

Star 3, the quarrelsome star is at NE sector. It is likely that political conflicts may arise in North Korea and Russia. Star 3 sits on ruling star 2 resulting in stomach related illness. If your bedroom or main door lies in this sector,to harmonize star 3, turn on a lamp or use a red color floor mat. Tai Sui is also residing in this sector. Avoid major renovation works.

Star 4, a romance and academic star is at South sector. Beware of over indulgence in sexual relationships. This is a good sector for academic study enhancement. You may place a study desk for your child at this sector or bookshelves. For enhancement you may place a potted plant.

Star 5, a misfortune and disaster star is in the North sector. Beware of infliction of sexual diseases. To harmonize hang a 6 rod metal wind chime. Make sure it does not upset your neighbors if you are staying on high floor with strong breeze.

Star 6, arrives at the SW, though a fading star it is still usable. But this year SW is facing the Tai Sui at NE. If possible avoid renovation works in this sector. Older people sleeping in this sector may encounter sleeping disorder and headaches. To cure, place a glass of still water.

Star 7, arrives at the East. This is a robbery star. Beware of break-in for houses facing this direction. Kitchen in this sector may cause fire hazards so please be mindful. To cure, avoid red colors in this sector.

Star 8, is the Cai Xing at the SE sometimes referred to as the Annual wealth star. To activate this star you may install a moving water feature to bring wealth luck. If your main door faces SE, you will enjoy good luck and prosperity.

For more detail analysis, you have to consider the house birth chart and external environmental features.



There are three views toward Feng Shui.

The first, are those who are currently still performing well and does not believe in Feng Shui at all. They believe luck is always with them.

My Advice: Our luck is cyclical and fluctuates every year, every 5 years or every 10 years. So don’t test your luck too far.

The second are those who believe and seek Feng Shui to improve their lives. These are people who are in bad luck cycles and they seek advice of the professionals, hoping to turn them around.

My Advice: Find a reliable and professional Feng Shui Consultant to advice you before 4th February 2009.

The third are those who are superstitious and thought Feng Shui is magic. These people will do whatever you say or recommend them to do. This is dangerous and will taint the practice of Feng Shui.

My Advice: Listen only to the Professionals.

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, subconsciously every one of us is applying Feng Shui practice in our daily lives. Example, you would like to choose a good day to start work, get married, to start a new business or even choosing the right color for your dress code to meet someone. All these have Feng Shui implications.

Of course there are those who may prefer to let nature takes its’ own course. They believe honest living and hard works will eventually trade off. This may not always be the truth. Though we cannot change our destiny, but by knowing our destiny path we can take necessary steps to prevent pitfalls during bad luck cycles. Yes, we cannot stop the rain but knowing it is going to fall we can prevent ourselves from being drenched. So why not be prepared.

In practice, Feng Shui is an art of living in harmony with our environment. Knowing our environment well is like a reliable weather report, it can help us to predict the changes within our surrounding. Our surrounding environment changes everyday, either at home or within the societies. Over the last ten years, I have shared and taught this ancient art to many people around the world and they have benefited and improved their lives tremendously.

However, to carry out this Art effectively, you need to understand the underlying science behind it. Chinese metaphysics include the study of geography, astrology, mathematics, numerology, architecture and Chinese cultures. Even symbolic placement art is involved and effective if you know the secrets that lie within. It is therefore dangerous to DIY Feng Shui with limited knowledge.

Those who had attended and completed my Feng Shui classes in Singapore Polytechnic, will fully understand the mystical rationale in Feng Shui practice. Obviously today, there are abundant Feng Shui materials and guide books readily available either in the internets or bookstores. Remember, a little knowledge is dangerous.

When to Start Work after Lunar New Year

It is common for most people to choose an auspicious day to start work or commence business after the new lunar year and the following dates should be avoided if you belong to the respective horoscopes.

May I wish everyone out there:





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