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Articles: 2010 Forecast  
Author: nexus
Published: 16/1/2010
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Forecast For The Year of Tiger, 2010

2010 is the year of the Golden Tiger. We usher out the Ox and welcome the arrival of the Tiger on 4th February 2010. The Tiger will rule until 3rd February 2011 where the Rabbit will take over. The last time the same Tiger appeared was in 1950 when I was only 2 years old. After an eventful and turbulent 2009, we look forward to a more peaceful and cheerful 2010.

In the Chinese Hsia calendar (also known as the 10,000 years calendar); the year 2010 carries a pillar with Stem Yang Metal and Branch Yang Wood. According to the 5 elemental relationship, Metal is in conflict with Wood, and Metal is also the destroyer of Wood. This could imply that there will be more international issues related to controls on terrorism and climate changes. Those who are born on a Wood day will encounter more pressure either in their work or social activities as well.

The Characteristics of a Person Born in Tiger Year

The Tiger is the third in the hierarchy of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac birth stars. Its character signifies caution. They are also optimistic, suspicious, selfish and critical. They reject other’s opinion and rarely obey commands. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why many skeptical Chinese do not wish to have babies born in the Tiger years. A Chinese proverb says that “the Tiger lives in the forest, a thousand miles from the town”. Likewise a person born in the year of Tiger is independent and is continuously on the move. A good leader with a strong will to win but afraid to lose face. Singapore’s current shortfall on birth rate may be worse this year. However, I have many Tiger students and they are all obedient and friendly! Take note, this year round is a Golden Tiger and will only appear again in the next 60 years. Don’t miss this golden opportunity! If you start planning now you may still have time to catch a baby tiger. Good luck.

By the way, as per the five elements, there are five different types of Tigers;

Metal Tiger
Water Tiger
Wood Tiger
Fire Tiger &
Earth Tiger

This year the Tiger arrived before the Chinese Lunar New Year which falls on 14 February 2010 which coincides with the western Valentine’s Day. What a romantic Lunar New Year! Traditionally, the Chinese celebrate the Lunar New Year on this day. In the Hsia calendar, the New Year commences on Spring(Li Chun) 4th February 2010 before the Lunar New Year and many have called this a blind year because there is no Li Chun and as such they believe it is not an auspicious year. In my opinion, this is not totally the truth as believed. There are other factors of consideration. However, those babies born on or after 4th February are considered a Tiger baby.

The God of Wealth or popularly known as the Cai Shen Ye is at the Southeast direction for 2010. The Chinese believe that those who pay respect to Cai Shen Ye will receive great wealth from his blessings. As usual I will be at the Goddess of Mercy Temple in Balestier road to witness this traditional belief annually during Lunar New Year’s Eve. It is rather interesting, so see you there!

The year of the Tiger is symbolized by a pillar of Metal H7, Geng over Wood E3 Yin . According to the five elemental cycles, Metal and Wood is in conflict.

Heaven Qi , Metal conflicts with Earth Qi , Wood.

The following are those born in the year of Tigers:

2010 Metal Tiger
1998 Earth Tiger
1986 Fire Tiger
1974 Wood Tiger
1962 Water Tiger

The Year Pillar Forecast:

Based on these two characters we can extract some information on what is in store for this year.

The US economy will continue to recover and by March 2010, the US dollar will gain strength by then. They will probably be imposing trade strategies to boost back the economy, but will face strong competition from the East.
Reasons: Strong Metal (West – US) controlling the Wood (East – Asia Pacific).

If you have some knowledge on Chinese metaphysic system, we know that Fire is hidden in the branch E3 Wood. Fire, will fight back the Metal. Fire is also a hidden threat to Metal.


The US dollar will remain weak until March. The current weakened dollar will decrease the competitiveness of the world’s export and in turn attract investors into the US economy. The light could possibly appear in the Q3 when Metal is strong.

Singapore will likely be affected by fierce competition. However, with the opening of the two new integrated resorts by Q2, it will definitely contribute to our economic growth.

Tiger element is wood. Strong wood will attack earth. Earth related industries like the property development market will continue with slower growth as most of the properties will be completed by 2009. Investors my shift their funds to more solid instruments like banking and finance.

The Singapore stock exchange index will continue with positive growth till Q2. It is possible for the STI to hit 3000 points by June.

The Four Pillars of Year 2010

4th February 2010
0642 hrs

A more detailed approach is the 4 pillars analysis. Let’s take a look at this year’s 4 pillars.



The actual date of the Tiger year commences on 4th February 2010 at 0642 hours precisely 10 days before the Chinese Lunar New Year. This information is available in my Hsia calendar published by Asiapac Books Pte Ltd. In addition, the Hsia calendar is also a tool for converting our birth data into the Chinese divination system called the Four Pillars of Destiny or better known as Bazi.

This Tiger year, the eight characters consist of;

4 Wood
2 Metal
2 Earth

Metal and Wood is in conflict. Wood in spring season is strong, showing resistance. Earth is supporting the Metal. So what is the implication? China will still be dominating the world markets. The US economy will still be competing with the Chinese strong market growth. So, there are still ample opportunities to make money in China markets.

Oil Prices
Strong Wood will produce Fire and Fire is hidden in the Wood E3. There are two strong Wood with hidden Fire. By March, crude oil will be on high demand and be prepared to pay for higher oil prices. New oil producing countries and suppliers will emerge and hopefully this will ease the oil prices. With the current cold weather, more consumption will also continue to push up the oil prices.

Water Industry
In this set of 4 pillars, Water will be the buffer to harmonize the Metal and Wood conflict. Unfortunately, there is an absence of Water in this set of 4 Pillars. Therefore, Water is the most favorable element for this year. Shipping industry, travel related businesses and education will be in high demand.

Climate will be inconsistent. While climate changes may bring severe cold to northern regions there will be shortage of rainfall and many countries will face severe drought in the Q2 and Q3.

Auspicious Colors for this year
The colors for Water are Blue and Black. The theme for this year’s dress code and auspicious colors will be black and blue.

Auspicious Direction
West, Northwest and North.

Wood Industry
In this set of 4 pillars Wood is strong and clipped by 2 Earth. Earth is the wealth of Wood.
Wood industry will perform well in the Q1 & Q2.

Metal Industry
Metal is weak but with Earth support there are ample opportunity to conquer Wood (wealth). Metal industries such as automobile, gold, engineering, mining and steel will face stiff competition. The US government may impose stiff trade barriers to protect their exports.

Earth Industry
Earth is relatively weak due to strong attack by Wood. Earth related industries like property development, real estate, construction, chemical, agriculture and fertilizers will face stiffer control by relevant authorities. Property prices in Singapore will ease and be temporarily flattened in Q1 and will pick up again in the Q2. Do not expect prices to go down. Our land is scarce and limited. So if you need a roof over your head, don’t wait too long.

Fire Industry
Fire element is hidden inside the wood, Yin E3. As a result, Fire will prosper in the Q2. Fire industries such as oil, energy, finance, electricity, entertainment, hotels and gaming will grow in May to July. Be prepared for another increase in crude oil prices. Your electricity bill may be heavier too.

Overall Wood and Metal industries will perform well for this year.

On the micro level, those whose favorable element is Wood, this is a good year to invest and perhaps to start your own business. Wood is strong in the Q1. However, you are advised to consult a professional to have a complete analysis of your birth luck and don’t forget your Feng Shui as well.

Combinations and Clashes for the Year 2010

The Grand Duke – Tai Sui
It is believed that those born in the year of the Monkey are in direct conflict with the Tiger. The direction is at NE2 (52.5 to 67.5 degrees information available in my Luopan) Chinese believes that those born in monkey years must appease the ‘Grand Duke’ also referred to as Tai Sui . In Feng Shui practice it is deemed inauspicious to carry out any renovation work at this sector of the house. I always asked this question, ‘what if that sector of the wall collapses?’


The Three Killings – San Sha

Another afflicting direction called the San Sha is at the North direction in 2010. It governs three sectors of the 24 mountains shown on my Luopan/compass, N1, N & N2. Besides these 3 directions, there are two additional afflicted sectors NW2 & NE1. Avoid major renovation works in this sector. Please note to avoid having the San Sha behind you in any year. You may however Face or Confront the San Sha.

God of Wealth – Cai Shen Ye
Direction - Southeast
Auspicious time to receive the God of Wealth : Between 2300 to 0030 hours on Lunar New Year’s Eve.

Nobleman Star
Tiger is the nobleman (Gui Ren ) for those who are born with Day stem Xin H8.
To activate your nobleman star place a candle light at NE2 sector of your home.

Traveling Horse Star
Those born in the year monkey, rat and dragon will be very busy this year. You will have abundance opportunity to travel. Good for moving houses or change of jobs.

Conflict with the Tiger
In addition to the monkey those born in snake years are also in conflict with the tiger;
The 3 persecuting clash.
Monkey E9 – Snake E6 – Tiger E3.

To harmonize the clash, you may place a pig figurine at the NE2 sector. The pig is a friend of the tiger.

Friends of the Tiger
Pig E12, Horse E7 and Dog E11.


A clash with the tiger is not necessary bad. Nether is a friend of the tiger good. In the advanced 4 pillars analysis system, our luck cycles are based on our total birth data information; that is you have to consider the year, month day and hour of birth. Our annual luck analysis is based on the interactions of the annual pillar with our total birth data. Those who are not familiar with the above may refer to my book, Unveil Your Destiny for more details published by Asiapac Books Pte Ltd. Available at all leading bookstores.

Looking at the 4 pillars of this year, it appears that wood element is the strongest. Earth element is the wealth of wood and is also available. Therefore wood industry should perform well this year. Metal though present is weak. Metal industry will be more competitive and need support from earth, building industry. Earth is the weakest in this set of 4 pillars. I predict property development will also face strong competition after the last 2 years of growth.

Flying Stars of the Year 2010


2010 annual flying stars duplicate the ruling age of 8. This implies that all stars have double boosters. In Feng Shui system, we also look into the annual energy shift and how it can influence and affect the Feng Shui of our house and workplace.

Stars 5, 2 & 3
Annually, we should be mindful of the three potent stars; 5, 2 and 3.

Star 5 a sickness and loss star is residing at the Southwest sector. If your main door or bedroom window face southwest place a metal object to harmonize star 5.

Star 2 is at the Northeast sector and also inline with this year’s Grand Duke direction. Avoid knocking or carrying out renovation if your main door faces northeast. You may hang a 6 rod metal wind-chime outside this direction. If your bedroom lies at this sector minimize noisy activities such as TV or hi-fi sets. You may hang a strand of 6 ancient Chinese metal coins on the window behind the curtain. Therefore if your house falls on the NE-SW or SW- NE you have to take extra precautions on these two potent stars.

Star 3 a quarrelsome and legal entanglement star is at the south sector. Place something red in color. If it lies at the main door you may place a red color floor rug. In the house south sector turn on a lamp. Fire element is required to dissolve this troublesome star.

Star 7 Another problematic star, number 7, a robbery star resides at the southeast sector. This star may also trigger fire hazard within the home. If your kitchen lies on the southeast sector be mindful with your stoves and gas cylinders position. To harmonize, place a bowl of ‘still’ water on this sector.

The following stars 4, 6, 8, 9 and 1 are deemed auspicious for this year. However, it must be properly addressed to activate the good energy.

Star 6 is at East sector. It can bring promotion, power and status. Place a bowl of still water at this location. Good for patriarch of the house. Be wary of foot injuries.

Star 8 the current prosperity star is at the centre. Avoid placing plants or wooden object in the centre of your house. Activities are encouraged. If you have baby or toddler at home, make this area their playground.

Star 9 is another wealth star at the Northwest sector. Place a moving water feature to bring you wealth luck and also enhance the luck to the patriarch in the family.

Star 1 is residing at the west sector and is good for couples whose bedrooms lie in this sector. Suitable for those newly wedded couple who wish to have baby. Good luck.

Star 4 is rather tricky. It can bring romance and academic success. It may also bring undesirable sexual affairs. This year star 4 is at the north sector. Your may place your children study desk here to improve their academic performance. To activate romance place a blue color vase with fresh flowers. Do not use artificial flowers if you’re looking for true love. For married couples place a pair of mandarin duck in your bedroom to enhance your relationship.

On the macro level, Star 9 a fire element flies to Northwest this year. In Feng Shui terms, Northwest is also known as the ‘Heaven’s Gate’. Fire burning the Heaven’s Gate is deemed inauspicious. This could imply the head of the family, head of department and regional leaders may face sever threat this year. Beware of road accidents and air travel to the Northwestern regions. Pay more attention to the Northwest sector of your homes and office.

The above recommended Feng Shui cures are based on traditional approach and also commonly proposed to my clients in my practice. Today, there are many equivalent Feng Shui products and are readily available. While you do have choices, make sure you got it right at the right place and it is not necessary that ‘expensive’ is better. Good luck.

I Ching Divination

Recently there is lots of concern about Earth’s doomsday after the release of the Hollywood movie 2012. I searched through the Huang Ji Jing Shi (which we have translated as Imperial Time Classics) compiled by Shao Kang Jie , the well-renowned scholar of I Ching and would like to share with you my thoughts on this subject.

Many people who are not familiar with I Ching are confused why different hexagrams are used for year’s prediction. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you briefly how time dimension are recorded by hexagrams.

Based on Huang Ji Jing Shi format of time dimension we are currently in the 60 year cycle of Hexagram 50 Ding

1984 – 2043
Hexagram Ding governs 60 years from 1984 to 2043 and each Yao or line governs 10 years as follows:

1984-1993 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 14, Da You
1994-2003 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 56, Lu
2004-2013 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 64, Wei Ji
2014-2023 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 18, Gu
2024-2033 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 44, Gou
2034-2043 x 10 yrs – Hexagram 32, Heng

Presently we are in Wei Ji from 2004 – 2013
Although Wei Ji (Hexagram 64) is the last hexagram in the line up of the I Ching time dimension, we are currently in the 3rd hexagram of the 60 year cycle of Ding hexagram. Sounds too complicated? In short we are not at the end of the world yet. So do not despair. Maybe because we are more familiar with these terms of time dimension as BC, AD, Millennium, Century, Decade, Years and months. The Chinese use the hexagram to reveal the time influence on mankind on planet earth.

Based on the above let’s carry out an analysis for this year’s hexagram using the Huang Ji Jing Shi method.

Year 2010 is ruled by the hexagram 8, Bi

On the micro level we are entering into the 7th year of hexagram Wei Ji and Year 2010 is ruled by the hexagram number 8, Bi . Using the I Ching divination approach we can also deduce some lights on this year’s forecast.

‘Be cautious, content and upright. The undecided will join and follow. The lofty will lose the opportunity and thus be isolated.’ I Ching

Applying the Chinese I Ching divination method we can also receive advice and enlightenment in our daily approach in life.


Bi denotes bonding, indicating the possibility of a merger, a situation in which harmony and cooperation prevails. It represents the idea of union between different types of people. The person, who wants others to follow, should examine his or her fitness to lead. Bi indicates success as a result of individuals coming together willingly to follow a leader. People of the same interests and aspirations are forming groups to advance themselves. One must cultivate a harmonious relationship to seek complete union.’ - Chinese I Ching

In short, be humble and sincere to help each other and only when trust and support is mutual, great things can be undertaken.

The Analysis

Bi - Water over Earth
This hexagram shows water over earth. This implies that there will be major floods in the Northern regions. This year there will also be more snowfall than usual.

Water above Earth

Water flows freely throughout earth and in the process earth absorbs water to produce growth. Implication: there will be new innovations and creativity possibly in the IT industry. People will be more productive and hardworking to make up their losses in 2008 and 2009. Third world and newly developing countries will be new emerging economies. There will be shift of business development to these countries.

In this hexagram, 5 yin lines are embracing one yang line and the yang line is in the 5th position, the leader. Implication: people will be more submissive and willing to follow a good leader. So if you are a leader either at work or in the home you should pay more attention to your subordinates. A good and efficient leader will definitely attract an abundance of good and efficient followers.

Within this hexagram all the family relationships are present.
The economy will be more stable compare with previous years.

Among all, Subject sits on power line within the inner trigram Kun .
China will continue to dominate the world markets. Natural disasters such as floods and cold weather may hinder their progress.

The above are some basic Feng Shui cures that you may want to consider for the Year 2010.

When to Start Work after Lunar New Year

It is common for most people to choose an auspicious day to start work or commence business after the Lunar New Year and the following dates should be avoided if you belong to the respective horoscopes.


General outlook for year of Tiger:
Good, if you are a good leader and make calculated decisions.


Vincent Koh
Principal Consultant
Singapore Feng Shui Centre

URL: www.fengshui.com.sg
Email: singfc@fengshui.com.sg
Tel: (65) 6747 8226
Fax: (65) 6747 8020
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