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Certificate of Practice in Feng Shui

Proposed Course Structures

Module 1, 2 & 3 : (a) Tuesday and Thursday


Time : 6.45pm. - 9.45pm.

Course Fees:

Fees $
1, 2, 3

Module 1  

1.1 Feng Shui and it's origin.
1.2 Various Schools of Feng Shui.
1.3 Flying Star School of Feng Shui.
1.4 Physical and Intangible Environments.
1.5 Yin and Yang.
1.6 The Five Elements.
1.7 Cycle of Birth and Destruction of Five Elements.
1.8 The Ten (10) Heavenly Stems.
1.9 The Twelve (12) Earthly Branches.
1.10 The relationship between Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.
1.11 The"River-Map" Diagram
1.12 The 'Lo-Shu' Diagram.
1.13 The Trigrams :-

a) Early Heaven Trigram Arrangement.
b) Later Heaven Trigram Arrangement.

1.14 The Twenty-Four Mountains / Directions.
1.15 Using the Feng Shui Compass to check Directions.
1.16 Determine The Facing and Sitting of your house.
1.17 The Theory of East and West Four Group House.
1.18 Establish your personal Kua Number.
1.19 The Layout of Flying Star Chart.
1.20 Typical Flying Star Charts.
1.21 What is 'Water Star' and 'Mountain Star'.
1.22 The Feng Shui Compass and application for Flying Star Chart.
1.23 How to erect The Flying Star Chart.
1.24 Flying Star Charts for Age 5 to Age 8
1.25 How to select The Flying Star Chart for your home.
1.26 Application of Flying Star Charts for Feng Shui Analysis.
1.27 Interpretation of 'Water Stars' and 'Mountain Stars'.
1.28 Analysing the various sector of your house.
1.29 Feng Shui and Destiny Analysis.
1.30 The Combinations and Clashes of The Ten (10) Heavenly Stems.
1.31 The Combinations and Clashes of The Twelve (12) Earthly Branches.
1.32 What is Four Pillars of Destiny.
1.33 The Hsia Calendar.
1.34 Establish The Four Pillars : Year, Month, Day & Hour.
1.35 How to erect your Four Pillars of Destiny.
1.36 Determine your self element: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire or Earth.
1.37 Determine the strength of self element.



Date:  8/1/2004
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