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Not all of our graduates choose to become Feng Shui practitioners. Many study Feng Shui out of general interest, or to supplement their main profession or simply to enhance their own homes and businesses. Names have been withheld for privacy purposes.

“As an architect, I’m now able to design a modern home or office space that incorporates good Feng Shui practice. This saves my clients a lot of money in the long run and creates a more harmonious home and work environment.”

“As a housewife, I haven’t studied in over 30 years and Master Koh made this complex topic very easy to understand. He hardly picked on me at all.”

“As the head of a busy IT company I don’t have a lot of time to practice Feng Shui but from what I have learned I have been able to Feng Shui/treat each of my own offices and workshops. I have no doubt I am more successful now.”

“Working in the real estate market I used to just “get a feel” for what would be right or wrong for my clients. Studying Feng Shui has helped me understand what really makes a family home successful.”

“Urban spaces are becoming more crowded and stressed every year. If Feng Shui can provide another means to improve the lives of city dwellers then it is certainly worth understanding and putting into practice.”

“After starting the course I decided to leave my job in the civil service and practice Feng Shui full time. I now have a job I really love and I feel can really make a difference in people’s lives.”

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Date:  19/1/2004
Section: Books
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