Certificate of Practice in Feng Shui

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Certificate of Practice in Feng Shui (5 days)

Certificate of Practice in Feng Shui (5 days)

In this 5 full day course, course students are introduced to the key concepts of Eight House and Flying Star Feng Shui, Water theory and Four Pillars of Destiny analysis. By the end of the course students will be able to confidently use a Lo Pan, and undertake a Feng Shui Audit.

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  Assessment requirements:
Students are required to submit 1 group assignment and one individual Feng Shui audit.

Prior knowledge:
There is no prerequisite knowledge or qualifications necessary. However, students who have read widely on Feng Shui should benefit most from this course. After completion, graduates can proceed to enrol in our Professional Certification courses.

This course is conducted in English only.


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Date:  31/12/2003
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