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Centre Profile

Singapore Feng Shui Centre(SFSC) was established in 1997 to promote the practice of Feng Shui in Singapore and around the world. The mission of the Centre is to make the art and science of Feng Shui accessible.

SFSC offers a comprehensive range of Feng Shui services, which can be provided by the founder,Grand Master Vincent Koh.

Until recent years Feng Shui knowledge has been closely guarded by scholars and the Imperial court. Its practice was limited to only the most wealthy families.

GrandMaster Vincent Koh passionately believes that Feng Shui should be shared so that its benefits can be widely experienced. To fulfill this mission, in 1998 Singapore Feng Shui Centre in collaboration with Singapore Polytechnic offers his knowledge to run a course 'Basic Science of Feng Shui'. Interestingly this course was well accepted and is still runing today.

In 2009 this popular course was endorsed by the International Feng Shui Association and is one of the entry criteria for graduates to the accreditation of the title 'Master'. (Details available at www.intfsa.org)

To reach worldwide, the course details are available in his books and more informations on advanced training are available at courses. Today, Singapore Feng Shui Centre has fulfil it's mission in sharing and training many practitioners worldwide.






Date:  31/12/2003
Section: Centre Profile
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