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I Ching Divination Cards.


Singapore Feng Shui Centre is proud to bring to you its latest product for year 2009:
The I Ching Divination Cards.

The I Ching is a powerful and accurate divination tool for seeking answers to your queries. This practical version of the I Ching Divination Cards incorporates the 6 Relationships application and the elements of each of the “Yao” or line.

The user will also be able to refer to the mother hexagram of each of the 64 hexagrams from the individual cards as well as the element and the subject and object lines of the hexagram.

The I Ching cards are designed for easy usage and a more satisfying interpretation of each of the hexagrams.





Price: S$28.00

For more details call

Tel: 6747-8226

Email: singfc@fengshui.com.sg




Date:  2/12/2009
Section: Software
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